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Photography & Video Marketing

We have made video production in Andorra, Spain, and other cities in and abroad for different brands. Currently, video is the favorite content on digital channels, they can be used in advertising campaigns, websites, social networks.

Photography & Video Services

Create an audiovisual experience for your audience awakens emotions.

Brand Video

Video production to communicate the purpose of your brand, videos focused on connecting emotionally with your audience.

Video advertisement

A digital campaign will be more impactful if you include a video, our experience in digital makes it easier for us to produce videos focused on digital communication channels and with a high level of conversion.

Video for campaigns

Video production for advertising campaigns, video marketing, we are sure that it is the best way to communicate your message.

Product Video

Videos allow your customers to better know the product you offer in your online store, a video really generates an experience in the audience, it makes the product closer.

Videos for social networks

We produce video content, short formats that are used in social networks or digital advertising campaigns.

Animated / Explanatory Video

2D video production, are explanatory videos in which, through illustration and animation, the message is transmitted in an innovative, creative way with a high artistic component.

Phases for video production

To produce a video it is important to carry out an initial planning process, in this we can define: what type of video we are going to produce, who is the client, what type of communication or language we are going to use, where and when we are going to do it and what equipment and personnel will be needed.
In this case it is very important to hold an initial meeting with the client, where we listen to their needs and ideas, when we already know the brand it is much easier to start because we already know their communication style, but when it is a project that starts from scratch it is It is important to carry out a brief to get to know the brand and its audience in depth, it is essential to define very well who the communication is going to reach in order to create an audiovisual product really focused on captivating it.
When we know the idea and the objective that the brand has to communicate, we proceed to make the script, our team of creatives and Storytellers work to develop a creative script, which will be presented to the client for approval. This is a very important phase of the process, the script is the heart of the video.
From the approval of the script, we can define different technical and logistical issues, we will see if it is necessary to make a shooting plan, contemplate travel, what equipment we will need in the filming.
It is advisable to make a Story Board, through this document we can determine what the plans, sequences, and our map will be in the process. The costs for video production are highly variable, it will depend on different factors such as travel, actors, announcers, locations, per diem, among others that can alter the cost of video production.
That is why in our case we present the final budget once the script is approved, because only at that point will we know in depth what we will need for video production.

Once we are clear about what video we are going to produce, we go to action. By this time we will have the locations selected, as well as the technical and artistic team that we will need. We will start filming, at this stage we will record the necessary images and sounds. The recording of the voiceover will also be made, which we carry out in a professional studio and with a presenter previously selected between the agency and the client. When we already have the images and the audio we can move on to editing the video. This is the case of a video with greater production such as a corporate video, in some cases it is not necessary to shoot, for example; when we make an informative 2D animated video, in that case the process is different. Or in other cases we can use some stock images or videos to make videos with a lower budget.
In this phase, the editing team receives the material in digital formats, and begins to work on it to give it a logical sense as proposed in the script and the Story Board. In this phase, all the effects, 3D animations, texts are added, color and brightness are worked in order to find the most optimal result for our video. It is voiced by adding the locution and the musicalization. At this point, our finished product is ready to be taken to the customer for a review. It is important that throughout the process the client can see progress and evidence so that when submitting it is not necessary to make so many changes.
Finally we deliver the project in the format requested by the client, the video can be exported in different formats to be distributed in different media. We are a digital content creation agency and we understand the great importance of viralizing video content, on channels such as YouTube and Vimeo, on social networks such as Facebook, and on your website, that is why we deliver your video in the necessary formats so that meet your goal, reach an audience with a shocking and emotional message.


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